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Jacques GRUBER 1870 - 1936

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Jacques GRUBER 1870 - 1936 Empty Jacques GRUBER 1870 - 1936

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Gruber, Jacques

As an artist, Jacques Gruber flourished during the artistic renaissance provoked by Art Deco in France. He studied at Paris’ School of Fine Arts in the 1890s and became friends with many influential artists of the era, including Gustave Moreau and Georges Braques. Gruber taught at the Nancy School of Fine Art for most of his life, and was very successful in the artistic community. He collaborated with manufacturers and craftsmen, and even designed menus and programs for local printers. His true passion, however, was always stained glass, and in this medium, Jacques Gruber became a master.
Lily Pond, reproduced from the original stained glass in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, is representative of the exquisite artwork of the Impressionist era. Stained glass is the perfect medium for this idyllic scene as the play of light among the water and foliage enlivens the landscape, lending it a sense of harmony and tranquility.
Lily Pond by Jaques Gruber Stained Glass measures 13¼" by 12" and is made from hand-rolled cathedral glass. It is framed in glazier's lead and comes with a matching chain for hanging

In 1901, Jacques Gruber created the School of Nancy's biggest glass roof - all of 250 m² (2,690 sq ft) for the bank Crédit Lyonnais (7 bis, rue Saint Georges, Nancy) . The glass roof escaped destruction in 1976 thanks to the intervention of the French Historic Monuments Department.

Een belangrijk graveur bij Daum is Jacques Gruber, die later tot één van Frankrijks belangrijkste glas-en-lood en meubel ontwerpers zou uitgroeien.
Immens glaskunstwerk 230 m2 van glazenier Jacques Grüber. In het midden het monogram van de opdrachtgever, de bank Crédit Lyonnais.

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