La Maison Moderne - Julius Meier-Graefe - Paris 1899 - 1904

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La Maison Moderne - Julius Meier-Graefe - Paris 1899 - 1904

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La Maison Moderne - 1899 - 1904
82, rue des Petits Champs

La Maison Moderne in Paris, opened in September, 1899; it was seemingly designed to cater to a younger clientele than was Bing' s shop, L'Art Nouveau.

Founder: Julius Meier-Graefe (DE) 1867 - 1935

The interior and the facade of La Maison Moderne were designed by Henry van de Velde (BE).

Artists working for La Maison Moderne:
- Henry van de Velde (Furniture)
- Manuel Orazi (Posters / Illustrations)
- Maurice Dufrene (Furniture)
- Felix Aubert (Furniture - Member of Les Cinq)
- Maurice Biais (Posters)
- Abel Landry (Furniture)
- Paul Follot (Furniture)
- Pierre Selmersheim (Furniture)
- Blanche Ory-Robin (Tapestry Designer / Embroiderer)

La Maison Moderne closed 1 month after the Maison de l'Art Nouveau (Samuel Bing) was sold to Majorelle Freres.

Source: Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide , etc.

Posters shown made by Manuel Orazi (IT).


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