Emile GALLÉ (1846 - 1904) - same design but with adaptations

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Emile GALLÉ (1846 - 1904) - same design but with adaptations

Post  stella on Sun Jul 06, 2008 2:35 pm

Dear All,

The Louis MAJORELLE post allready gave a good impression about designs wich were re-used.

Offcourse examples can also be found with the furniture of Emile GALLÉ (1846 - 1904).

The marquetry/ inlay designs of GALLÉ have been used on all kind of furniture types. OR the furniture model is the same but a different inlay design has been used!

And not only of furniture, but the same GALLÉ design can be found on glass, earthenware and furniture.

Also the inlay design could have been adapted to fit a certain piece of furniture.

Please feel free to post your own examples!



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